Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Apologies and my true love

Hi kids!

Sorry I've been slack, actually i've been running around travelling here and there getting design stuffs done and dusted.  My apologies for being a lazy chicken.

You know how i'm super biast about my true love for Holy Prada and all it's glory that it stands for? Well, as I witnessed the Prada parade for Autumn/Winter 2012 I was a little, b'oh? Disappointed, comes to mind.  I thought now hang on young lady, give the old gal a chance (Prada is definately a Fem-God) watch the campaign ad maybe you'll experience a new insight?  Well, I wasn't disappointed anymore, my love for 60s/70s Sci-Fi fab was translated.  Why had I not noticed this grandness before.  It's a definate SOAP-dish for me...Watch and tell me if you see the beauty.

Enjoy Geeks!