Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple Chic

The Milanese fashion principles are very easy to follow, keep it Simple = Chic.  What is created is a constant circle of classic elegance but in a variety of themes.  This chick-a-dee has a lovely take on a mannish feminine style.  Leather sleaved coat, tailored just enough to show a simmering female form but without losing that masculine touch.  Tailored pants, a real must.  That is something that can never die, a pair of snug, perfectly cut trousers and it gives such confidence too.  And to finish off this Mannish/Fem tale a pair of devilish pumps with metal toe caps.  You never know when you need to kick someone in the pants.
My humble opinion is that this look can be worn by any age, any culture, any body shape even with any hair colour, maybe not just in every temperature.  Slaves to fashion can get awfully cold.

Like my dear cousin once blurted out to me ''you don't need a banana on your head to be cool''.  Well maybe not everyday.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Flowery Collar

It's rather pretty, elegant and poetic.  A flowery collar not only for fashions sake but also to keep the neck warm.  You see, form does follow function or was it function follows form?  Doesn't matter, it's a win in my magical opinionated book of charm.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Guy

This youth who I see around quite often I have decided shall be named with great affection 'Little Guy'.  Little Guy is always dressed like a modern gentleman.  Crisp shirt, oat inspired coloured vest and cardigan, sweet bow tie, thick check jacket with wide lapels, patent loafers, elegant man bag and a giddy belt with his own touch a colourful rope twist.  Isn't that just adorable or what?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Thongs...not Flip Flops.

Dear Non-Australians and New Zealanders,
I wish to inform you that your word 'Flip Flop' is stupid and completely incorrect.  'Thong' is the correct word, no it is not the dental floss undergarment that is strategically placed in the natal cleft of your gluteus maximus, also known as the G-string or to some, permanent wedgies.  

Australians have a long 'fashion' history with the rubber thong (I use the term fashion history very loosely).  Firstly produced by our neighbours in New Zealand in the late 1950s and then we called it!  Sorry.  Traditionally worn as beachwear during the hot summer to protect the feet from scorching sands (we have a lot in common with the ancient Egyptians).  Now the Thong has become a staple in almost everyone's wardrobe and considered a 'fashion item' must have when really it's just a piece of rubber, sure you can find them in an array of colours with an array of price tags but being born in Australia myself I like to buy only a Big W $5 special (yes, it's true I joined the thong wearers on my return to the birth place).  

The thong - It's as common as bung Fritz at the supermarket or chicken loaf or Vegiemite or just as lovable as Agro the foul mouthed childrens puppet.

I don't need any fancy name attached to don the thong.

Australia December 2011

Yours sincerly,
Ranty Pants

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Style Icon: Edie Sedgwick

60s Icon dressed in oversized boyfriend shirts in a plethora of make-up.  Model, actress, muse, artist and a real fashionsita, turbulent life.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boxing Boots

Maybe this ain't as graceful as a boxing Betty but it sure does look comfy and so stylish too.  The good old boxing boot still finds it way into the fashionista's wardrobe.  This one looks like a hybrid though.  It's as if the princess ice-skating shoe and the manly boxing boot got it on!  They do make  cool children together.  I'm a suxer for white and black not only does it make one look thinner but it does make for a classical pop!  WHAM!

Take it away shadow boxing Betty...


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spikes and checkers.

Amazing was written in white paint on the back of this fellows jacket (if my memory doesn't fail me). I didn't get a chance to snap away at his back...DAMN it!  As the saying goes if you can't afford DIY it yourself, nails, glue guns and thread and you have yourself a creative look complete with Gran Britannia heritage.  

And now for something completely different.


For your kind attention

Read Mystic Medusa's Astro blog....HERE.  Fashion and the planets, sure why not?  Dedicated to the Australian reader and who ever else loves the planets aligning.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

FUCK YOU! tude.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...This is Vivienne Westward Fuck You tude to it's dumbest!  Just give me the Sex Pistols and be done with it man/woman?  So I shall was the Vivienne Westwards men's collection for a/w 2012.  For those who don't understand, a whole bunch of fashionistas and kids who want to be put on blogs for being fabulous, well dressed and faux eccentric stand around and take pictures of eachother.  Some kid's pretend to get into the shows, some actually do.  Others smile at the camera, while others look sulky and pout and hunch their shoulders either due to poor posture (their mothers clearly didn't tell them off enough whilst growing up or they don't drink enough milk) or that indie crap stance/pose they do for the camera because apparently it's cool and while others give the ye olde fuck you finger (my persoanl favourite), while they secretly love and adore the attention and stare dead pan at you. Don't blink you're eyes might drop out of their socket pockets.   Sorry, I don't work for Vogue but have a lovely day.

Doin' it my way fuckers!

I personally would have worn red nail polish but that's way I'm taking pictures of you and not the other way round.
As long as you're havin' fun!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweet sounds for Friday

Cheer up kids it's friday time to relax and enjoy the sweetest sounds of the weekend.  Judy looks tired here, but dressed impeccabily.  When i'm tired I just look shit and put on a tracksuit and prey I don't have to venture outside.  I suppose if I had a personal hairdresser, syltist, make up artist and pusher i'd look half decent too.  Did you see those legs poking out of the split? Bitch!  They don't build pure, honest broads like that anymore.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The underground of fashion, art and music in Oz

There is no place like home and this my friends is the truth.  I'm not patriotic, i'm not not idiotic and it takes more than 3 clicks of a heel to get to Australia.  Oh yeah, I have the ruby slippers and I tried it! It doesn't work so easily.  Nothing was more appreciated than that of the Oz underground scene.  Kids coming together to play their garage tunes.  Some more refined than others, some better dressed.  Tight shiny American Apparel tights with brogue sneaker creepers and slashed tops.  All jean combos with festive untucked shirts...Jeans and thongs (flip flops) cans of beer, munching on lamingtons (a sponge cake) how very dainty for a dusty falling to pieces old used garage that unfortunately rather than dedicating its decaying body to the youth of South Australia (these kids are bored give them an outlet to be creative you stupid morons then the aging population won't age and the kids won't leave) will be turned into more apartments or so i hear...the city becomes a suburb, no where to go, no place to be different.  What I found fascinating was the angst these kids have, not due to political injustice, not due to an economic crisis, but out of shear desperation to do something.  The only thing these kids have to rebel against is that creativity is put in a box and left on the highest shelf.  Instead of encouraging to start they criticize for not being perfect.  How can you be perfect if you never try?  How can creativity bloom when there is no earth, no roots to draw from?  All they have to do is stick together and stick it out.  Start!

Nothing ceases to amaze me that in the midst of Rundle Mall (a depressed vanilla slice of shitty fashion if i dare to call it just that, bad quality crap cuts at ridiculous prices and here I was complaining that Milan was expensive I hold my tongue) this shop still exists.  Will it be forever that bad taste rules?  The upside I suppose i that if anyone has a dire need for a Zoot Suit or electric blue red satin lined suit I am sure you could find something here.  It just screams 'The Mask'  the mid 90s film that started a generation miss using the word 'smoking'. Can you hear the dryness of my voice?

Like this piece of street art says Jog on! friends go forth be merry and try until your hands bleed.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I iz back bitches!!!

I iz back bitches and to celebrate enjoy this crap 80s number...Yeah Hooray for Hollywood!  Nothing says kill me like that of a keyboard medley...I hope 2012 is as humerous as the last and if it doesn't kill ya...These songs will.