Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sic! Chanel

Sic Chanel! Sic. All Leo's love other Leo's. It's because we have really good taste. Hmmm jewellery, delicious.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

70s Tourist

My god, how long has it been? Almost an eternity. So much has gone on. So, in my usual slack way I failed to keep up with the gentle current. Now I lament the hole in November and December etc etc. I shall feed the blog once more with my irrational thoughts.  Hmmmm, shall we begin?

I'm going to start with the Sicilian boys. D&G baby, check out there window display. It's cool. I feel like a tourist. You see, those giant pencils, tea towels and 'look at all the things I saw in Sicily' plates do come in handy. Window display handy. It's pretty cool, you get to be transported back to the 70s when your aunty thought it a good idea to buy you a mini novelty Sicilian horse/donkey and carriage dust collector. Just to prove that she went there, on holiday. I hoped the donkey would shit out cigarettes, it just collected dust. Better to leave the gift on the mantle piece right next to the shelled photo frame she bought the last time she went to the Adriatic coast. Not to worry though, now D&G also design clothes for your now 76 your old aunty. Wow! They could have put something a little more spritely out front, no?

70s Mina, the best kind of Mina.