Monday, March 31, 2014


Sergio Rossi's Filagree sandal. It's pretty luxurious and I'm a sucker for gold. Who doesn't want to be dripping in it? Says the Lioness. These guys are a little Roman-esque a little Grecian princess but a whole lot of IN YOUR FACE AND SHOW ME THE MONEY. That's soooooo money.

Photo from Sergio Rossi Website

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dogs breakie. You're Welcome.

I felt like I had nothing else to say about anything for a while. Had I said all that there was to say? Had my instinctive verbal diarrhea finally stopped?  Had I finally learnt to keep my big fat mouth shut? No. The answer is no. You know why? I'll tell you why, I saw these hideous monsters. That is of course if you dare to look at the abomination that I present before you. I had seen these a couple of days ago and I thought, really? Are you fucking serious? Really? It looks like a dog vomited his breakfast lapped it up and spewed again.

I was happy to see an old work buddy on the FB had made a comment. A disapproving comment. So happy my violent displeasure for these (bah! Do I dare to call these sneakers?) had not be in vain. There is a group forming, a posse of people who think like I do. We will not be told what to like. Just because you design geometric space age like footwear, add a splash of colour, texture and add a plastic thing-a-ma-gig at the back does not make it cool. Does not make it pleasurable to the eye. I don't want these in my cupboard. HIDEOUS!

Dramatic? Me? Never!

Photos via HighSnobiety