Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The long, the short and somewhere in between

The Hemline theory, economically skirts become shorter when times are good (1960s the prime of fashion creativity and in my opinion the heyday of Italian fashion, politics and women's right and equality for all or so they marched for).  It becomes longer when times are bad (notice all those grungy kids in boots and maxi-dresses that don't shower?  Too expensive  to buy soap these days?).  So why is it so confusing right now?   Long, short, somewhere in between, front short back long, versace style patterns, ray pleats...and where does the hated fashion item of all time - culottes come in?   One of fashions uglier moments.  It's not a skirt but it could be...stop sitting on the fence stupid pants.

My theory is that we no longer can predict, half of the world is facing some serious financial issues, the other half is on it's way to new financial freedoms.  We have a paradigm shift.   Fashion has become a global endeavour, we can no longer pin point one countries influence over another.  Of course certain looks, styles and cuts will always be more appealing to certain cultures more than others.  In the meantime do we sit patiently, twiddle our thumbs?  Do we try to change our current situations by having a go and creating a new way of doing things, how can the younger generation influence an older generation set in their ways?  Do we go back to old tradtions?  Do we start new ones?  And finally why is it that we only appreciate our creative friends in moments of prosperity?  Surely we should be counting on them now more than ever...No?

Soap and Sacrifice my friends.  Think about it.

 Culottes in poo brown with a splash of colour.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

aw gee whiz...that's a bit shit isn't it?

My very expensive camera for some ridiculous reason no longer works.  Therefore it is with great regret that I can only post few pictures that are of worthy.  Yes, I did go to Milan fashion week regardless, I do have a little bit of film, but it's rather crude.  I will, when I have the chance collate images and footage.  However until that time....nada.   I also will dig deep into the archives and see what I can pull out for shear entertainment value.

Thank you

Soap and Sacrifice....You see what it's all about now?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Martin Denny

May your Tuesday take you to exotic places, filled with simmering sounds of xylophones and marimbas.  With coconut cocktails in hand and grass skirts as you glide along a Polynesian beach.   A toast to Martin Denny the Exotica King of Hawaii.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Buddha Pants

Religious fashion takes another stab at it with buddha.  We had the crusading cruxifices and so now it is back to eastern civilization and culture.  Doin' the work of gods must be tiring, after all creation is a gift of the gods.  Bow down and chant unto me a humble prayer of panthood.


The rest of the man.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Class Comforts

It's kind of like buying Jarlsberg or Emmentaler cheese but instead you walk home with Lorraine cheese.  You can get away with it but it gives out the wrong message to your guests.  Are you an Oxford or a Sneaker?  Formal or casual?


It's obviously an oxford that goes quite nicely with jeans.  You can walk home carrying your Lorraine cheese for your guests.  After all that is what a class comfort is.  Hmm?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Another shade of blue

Another shade of blue.  Fresh and quirky colour combinations brings a bit of cheer to a dreary cold Winter.  The minty green suede screams for an optimistic future.  The crepe sole asks for comfort for an easy journey while the welt stitching is a take on a faux tradition.  The rolled up pants are either wading in the floods or waiting for the floods.  Either way suede gets soaked in water.

The traditional Desert boot with a new spin of colour.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Phantom Planet

On continuation to a futuristic fashion movement, not a bowel movement here is more trashy Sci-Fi for you.  Bite you teeth into this extravaganza.  The special effects are fabulous, the story line, cool, filled with tiny people, monsters and of course babes.  Oh, B-grade Hollywood You Made It, Your A Star!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Space Clutch

From such a simple design and a quick change of colour a plethora of Sci-fiction books, films and  songs burst into my little head.  Why is this clutch so space like?   You know it be the  silver.  Ahh yeah sweet silver.  For me this clutch is a cross between the De Laurentis production of Barbarella, my personal favourite = Pigs in Space and the 70s funkalicious Parliament, just waiting to take you on a cosmic journey to the mothership.  Yeah i'm aboard!



Oh yeah and check out that gold blinging watch! Boojah!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The heart of an artichoke.

From the deep depths of bitterness that dwells in the tarry pit of my coal heart, and from the anti-sentiments of jinked-hood...Sod off!  Yes, I'm talking to you hallmark holiday, marketings biggest victory since Cola-Colas claim on Father Christmas (Santa Claus).  And to celebrate?

Listen to the lyrics kids and learn something...not the nicest words but a beautiful melody.  Sung by one of Jazz's most pumped up, redneck, drug addict hick's, Chet Baker.  Some have claimed  this  sickly sweet voice a chauvinistic racist, a claim that is from my knowledge only a claim.  If I meet him in hell i'll let you know.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tourist shot...

 Oh, I just had to...I couldn't resist to be a nerd!  Sydney in all its beauty.
December 2011

Brrr...get me some fur.

It's so freaking cold these days with the likes of -15 swirling around Milan that I suggest you wear a dead animal to keep you warm.  That's right the cavemen had the right idea...ooga booga.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Yowzer!  An exclamation of delight and approval.  Why are men so hot when dressed with such refinement?  Tis true, a debonair male is like hanging out at a strip club, you can look but you can't touch.  All gals are suckers for a suit and they melt even of a single glance.  However the suit must be tailored to perfection not a horrid 'Harry What's His Face' suit and must sport an elegant coat to match.  The suit for a chick is Lingerie for a man.  Freaking hot!  

Dress up more you bums!

I like Men

 ...and so do these broads.  Enjoy!