Sunday, August 28, 2011

big hair, big t-shirt

Big out of control hair is great!  

Recently I was the victim of the hairdressers scissors.  I almost died with shock as to what was unveiled before me.  She was beaming at her master piece with my luscious locks.  I had my typical fake smile and muttered 'oh wow thanks'.  I looked like an 1989 year book...and I loathe the 80s!  As you can figure out, I was not happy but felt unable to say what was really on my mind.  Can you imagine?  I was trying to be polite like the English,with their manners and sweeping under the rug type business.

Throughout the course of sitting in the laundry room of the hairdresser's house she was telling me all the things I ought to do with my hair.  I tried to explain to her that I am as lazy as a slouth (I was thinking about saying somethiing much cruder) when it comes to my hair and I do sweet FA with it.  She doesn't understand me!  It's not a language barrier.

The worst comment I had heard that day was...You look less like Amy Winehouse now, and we all know what happened to her.  How would that affect me regarding my coiffure, I am still unsure about.  Bah!

Big hair is cool and so are Green T-shirts...the bigger the shirt the bigger the heart....has to work, faster and harder.

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