Monday, June 4, 2012

Moschino Window Display

Awwww ain't you just the cutest!  I grew up learning about and consequently loving 'La Commedia Dell'arte'.  Was it my instinctive theatrical over the top nature or my love of the colourful baggy silky looking costumes?  (When it's baggy you have more room in the tum tum for pasta and sweets).  I'll never truly will be sure, but I am sure that I love Moschino's fancy little window display.  I could just pinch it's cheeks and say coochie coochie coo.  See what comes out of the closet?  Not only Tom Cruise but a lovely egg yellow dress fit for Liberace.

Not the only thing he blew but at least he got to keep the balloon.  Liberace you are cool bananas....It's in the other sequined suit.

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