Monday, December 3, 2012

Men's Oxford Brogue - A.Testoni

Luxury has a price tag. As a footwear designer I can appreciate such beauty in craftmanship, thought and time. So let me break it down, these aren't that expensive when you think about it.

The basics; handcrafted in Italy (refined hand - like Pygmalion sculpting Galatea), Italian leather, a fine Nappa (usually a full grain, unsplit-kid skin - it means it's like butter).

A little more detail; piping border (I once designed a pair of shoes that took the stitching lady one hour to only do the left...get it?).  Welt stitching on sole, this is not a fake bullshit stamped get em' in, get em' out type of sole.  This is the real deal.  The sole ain't made of some hocus pocus plastic this is VERO CUOIO bitches.  The brogue detail, all punched by hand and let's not forget the modellist. A serious profession that takes sweat, blood and tears to master, they are in my opinion better than any designer. And let's not forget the finishing (i've been to some of the best factories in Italy, they have been so amazing I could have eaten off the floor, the attention to detail, the love that poured into every shoe to achieve perfection made me weep - of course if I had a heart). Look at the pictures,  Delicious!


In case you are a non believer. It sure put a spell on me. Enjoy another master. Screamin Jay....