Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Idiot of all helmets

This is going to get me ranting....
Excuse the shoddy camera action.

As I was walking the streets of Pescara in Abruzzo I came across this absolute filth. This, for me just might as well be one of these ''I'm with Stupid t-shirts''. People who wear those should be shot and go on a diet. So why wear a cutsey, cuddly graphic print helmut? Hello pukesville, hello bad taste 101, hello idiot of all helmets. If I am ever, ever to come across the clot who decides this is a must have fashion item for their Vespa I will trip em' up and give them a boooooooo to you.  I don't find it cute, I don't find it adorable I find it as annoying as the Louis Vuitton symbol that graces our eyeballs with tears. Tears of pain and absolute boredom even the almighty itself has had enough (oh yeah it called me and we chatted). What's the point? Matching bag, matching scarf, matching wallet. Are you insane? What a waste of talent, material and time. Bah!

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