Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It never really occured to me that the state of fashion footwear would come to this. Yet again spotted at Sydney Fashion week in April of this year, was the attempt to make correctional footwear a go-er.  Yes as a nation we are casual, easy going but I fear people have forgotten how to dress for the occasion.  Fashion week is like going to the Opera, maybe no one wears a sequined gown and a tiara anymore but if your most expensive suit has 3 stripes down the side...No Entry Fool!  I worry if we look to Teva or  Birkenstock as fashionable footwear inspiration.  Yes tis true, we need to look after ourselves maybe the extremes of 12 inch stilettos is a little ridicuballs but the this extreme of clumpy chum pies orthopaedic heaven can wait till you're 75 and not a day before.

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