Friday, October 4, 2013

Bolt to me, Pollini

I'm a baaaad mother. Neglectful, thank goodness I didn't leave you in the back seat of my car on a forty degree heat day...Pokies here we come! (Hunches back and rubs hands together, eyes only gleam when the cha-ching is heard). Sad days people.

This post is mainly dedicated to my southern hemisphere visitors, summer is over for you northerners so block your ears and pull out your boots. It's our turn now to soak up a little Vitamin D. Rain beams on me sun (I will cry) my toothpaste complexion needs a good kick up the pants. And while my pants are being kicked Imma gonna wear some nice wooden muchacha heels, all bolted up. Gold bolts too, coz that's how I roll.  At least I will be slightly taller than 5ft nada! Pollini you soooooo retro eye-talian, it's a good thing.

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