Monday, June 13, 2011


Retrograde is orbiting Milan, the celestial systems of Uranus are lining up to create one atomic gas cloud...  Oh Milan your pollution can be likened to that of a 'big bang'.  No laser beams here to save or protect us or even one giant bottle of Glade....Pffft!  The pungant vapours that enclose us reflects the milanese 'air'.  Oh, you think you are so clever as you snigger at me, pointing at my rockabilly black and white pointy monkstrap shoes and leopard  print chiffon blouse.  Do you not understand?  You are wearing flatulent 'Hogan-Bogan' sneakers and your paunch hangs there like Joan Rivers (I do love her) hangs on for dear life ...and possibly a joke!   Where's my respirator?

Retro is atomically correct...It is class, wear hats match gloves and shoes match handbags.  These days your lucky if your daughter wears a hankerchief and a bit of string as she walks off into the moonlight...and it's a school night!   Fashion is meant to cover the body, protect, adorn, create illusion (Thank you Mae West my Teen years were well spent learning about 'The Westian' attitude, I now act like a 86 year old).  Why do you think peacocks are so showy?

Pretty people...

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