Thursday, June 9, 2011

Your love sickens me!

I just wanted to write it down 'Your love sickens me'.  If you say it in a bellowing British accent it's quite affective. The accent makes everything sound so proper and final.  'Good day Sir, I said GOOD DAY!' I mean how can you rebuttle to that.  Imagine a regular surly British butler with a rapier wit...You could never out do.  He would only have to gleam at ye, with his good eye, that is and you would cower.  Oh Sir, me thinks you are the grandest of all.

eeeeerrrr, Meanwhile back at the ranch...
I like love hearts in all it's girly glory.  Damn it!  Also I like a little country every now and then but only the good country stuff, like Hank.  Hank Williams you are my cowboy hero and of course also John, John Wayne that is...

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