Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The long, the short and somewhere in between

The Hemline theory, economically skirts become shorter when times are good (1960s the prime of fashion creativity and in my opinion the heyday of Italian fashion, politics and women's right and equality for all or so they marched for).  It becomes longer when times are bad (notice all those grungy kids in boots and maxi-dresses that don't shower?  Too expensive  to buy soap these days?).  So why is it so confusing right now?   Long, short, somewhere in between, front short back long, versace style patterns, ray pleats...and where does the hated fashion item of all time - culottes come in?   One of fashions uglier moments.  It's not a skirt but it could be...stop sitting on the fence stupid pants.

My theory is that we no longer can predict, half of the world is facing some serious financial issues, the other half is on it's way to new financial freedoms.  We have a paradigm shift.   Fashion has become a global endeavour, we can no longer pin point one countries influence over another.  Of course certain looks, styles and cuts will always be more appealing to certain cultures more than others.  In the meantime do we sit patiently, twiddle our thumbs?  Do we try to change our current situations by having a go and creating a new way of doing things, how can the younger generation influence an older generation set in their ways?  Do we go back to old tradtions?  Do we start new ones?  And finally why is it that we only appreciate our creative friends in moments of prosperity?  Surely we should be counting on them now more than ever...No?

Soap and Sacrifice my friends.  Think about it.

 Culottes in poo brown with a splash of colour.

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