Sunday, February 19, 2012

Class Comforts

It's kind of like buying Jarlsberg or Emmentaler cheese but instead you walk home with Lorraine cheese.  You can get away with it but it gives out the wrong message to your guests.  Are you an Oxford or a Sneaker?  Formal or casual?


It's obviously an oxford that goes quite nicely with jeans.  You can walk home carrying your Lorraine cheese for your guests.  After all that is what a class comfort is.  Hmm?


  1. At a Liberace concert once: the showman, draped in diamonds, took a walk near the footlights to survey the audience. "Oh!" he smiled. "Some people think sneakers go with everything!"

    Sneakers are only a good choice if you are toiling under your car on a Saturday, in my opinion.

    My favorite saying: BEAUTY KNOWS NO PAIN.

    Love from NYC . . . come up sometime and see me . . . .

    1. hahahahaha....ahhhh Liberace, he knew.
      I like your opinion.

      Thanks Mae!