Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Deep Red

Deep red (not the horror film by Dario Argento although wearing a 12cm heel all day...), an elegant luxury with half a golden heel and gold lining.  Delicate pattern and sophisticated curves.  For real collectors of shoe beauty and craftmanship.
While drinking a coffee and eating cake made from rice flour at a hip little joint just off Corso Buenos Aires the charming and chatty proprieter eagar to talk about the future of the Italian accessory industry, assured me of the emergence of high craft manufacture (the re-birth of the artisan).  Going back to traditions of high quality, lower production and calling upon the older generation to pass on knowledge that nearly has been forgotten.  Usually tempted to take the advice of the taxi driver or hairdresser as gospel seeing as though these folks could take charge of any dire situation, economics, world crisis, how to make the best Ragu etc.  I sat there and listened to his philosphies (also cornered and not able to hide or politely excuse myself) it immediately took me back to what I call the golden era of Italian fashion and music the mid 1950s-60s and 70s (no  I did not time travel back there, I can't prove my theory, I do not own a magical crystal).  What a wonderful renaissance that would be, new thoughts, new processes, having an open mind, keeping alive tradition, saying let's try to make that crazy design instead of no it can't be done and I can't be bothered trying to figure it out.  Sounds rather bitterly optimistic...And all that for one pair of red velvet pumps.    
I propose a toast, to The Future! 

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