Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Wintergreen.  You know, the specialists say that green shoes don't closed!  Ok, so maybe they don't as well as the all time favourite, 'mournful black' but one can not deny that they cease to be acquired.  I sport evidence Sherlock!  One who owns a pair of green, has I think, a rather optimistic outlook.  I mean it's not everyday that one can wear such a colour with every outfit.  It takes a rather confident chap or lass to habit such a peculiarity.  The refined eye can make it an elegant 'must have' piece in the wardrobe especially if the likes of Mr. Louboutin has added it to his collection or deemed so.  While others like moi, take it to the ends of trashville wear it with a sequined bolero and yell Ole!  Until it is as dead as a trampled salesgirl at a 75% off vintage Dior sale...Now, that's squashed.

Cool croctastic!

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