Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kayne West For Giuseppe Zanotti

I know these sandal pumps are getting a bit of a thrashing mainly due to the exorbidant price tag...more than 4000 euros also probably because it has the Kayne West name attached.  I guess he really pissed a whole bunch of chumps off when he leaped onto the  stage, babbled and left a brain fart for pop culture.  I cough loudly.    Well now, do I dare admit that as a piece of footwear art I actually like them.  Yes I do.  I have a great respect for this display of beading work, and it is of quality.  The manufacture, the finishing, the materials, THE TIME spent.  The design is technically thoughtful and matured.   It has a wonderful pure tribal/ethnic feel about it, a little ChaChi if you will (I don't know what exactly ChaChi is) and if you have fat ankles no-one will ever know.

I couldn't resist but add a Toto classic.

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