Thursday, April 12, 2012

Midnight Blue Lucid Shoe

Midnight blue lucid shoes.  Sounds like a song, ping pong dong?  Errr Tra la la la la, la la?
I'm a sucker for a loafer, yeah a shiny mysterious loaferino, with tassles.  Cobalt tassles of the finest leather crafted with love.  Italian love, splattered with sugo, not sauce.  Sauce is for shit soggy french fries or how normal people call them 'chips'.  It's daringly so charming, it's a Cary Grant shoe better yet a Vittorio De Sica without socks.   Have you noticed how the (well, at least the Milanese youth) have been wearing loafers without socks, doesn't it stink up?  Would there be discoloured sweat stains inside?  And when you kick em' off for the day, does the GF or BF throw you out for stink feet and ruining a beautiful pair?  Hells yeah you bastard you just ruined a nice pair of shoes!  I know it's cool to go without the sock  so maybe wear a masculine sockette with?  Do they make masculine sockettes?  Would the rather masculine man bother to wear it? Afterall it is just a very small nylon stocking.  It'd be like wearing tights underneath pants, long johns (attire, not the donut).  No one would see it.  

B'oh?  Don't ask.

Slightly drooling for man shoe and man who wears it without stink feet.

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