Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All Saint's Day

Yes, I'm late with it.  

What's with the continued fascination with skull heads?  It's eery, it's positvely spooky, it's creepy and kooky.  It always reminds me of growing up with that skull head placed in our library at home strategically placed next to that horror, the cow's tooth. Thanks Dad.  (It exsisted in our house for medical studies).  Funny though I found the cow's tooth way more disturbing than that of that poor individuals skull.  I did play with that skull and I'm pretty sure my siblings and I terrorised friends with it.  Off beat children!  Hilarious when people scream...MUAWAHAHAHAHAHA. 

On a serious note, what the hell is with the tartan. I offend my brother inlaw now but shit people don't bring it 'scottish' back they ain't known for the flair only flashing of their bits and haggis and who the hell eats that shit?


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