Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Its! Robin Hood!

God have mercy on its sole!

Instantly I had Disney's 1950s/60s version of ROBIN HOOD.  Then it all came back to me, the voice of the fat chicken, Lady Kluck (northener accent, my first accent I ever tried to mimic). ''Maid Marrion, don't loook arrrround, I think we're surrrounded.''  Apart from taking me back to my favourite childhood cartoon, (yeah I wore out the VHS) I immediately thought, it's felt! How in showery hell will that keep the wet out?  Call me practical, (call me my mother) but seriously designers, the powers that be, is this going to keep my feet dry?  Felt should be for slippers, indoors people, indoors. Like the hidious UGG Boots, you are not fashion, you are house bound, you are trakkydak slob wear for INDOOR EYES ONLY.  Do you understand Robin Hood sneakers? With your Voodoo Vince stitching, your playful flapping bits at the back.  Such frivolity, I can't take it.  Oh cruel world you play jokes on the consumer, yes you seem warm and snug with your felt ways and your vulcanized sole.  But I see your tricks, you're as tranparent as a gelatinous blob, you can't fool me this winter...

But after it's been said the little soap and sacrificer in me says, but It's Robin Hood.  You love Robin Hood.  Yeah it's cute, if I was 10.


Seize the fat one! 

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  1. <3 oh my goshhhh! ROBIN HOOD WAS MY FAVOURITE VIDEO AND THOSE SNEAKERS ARE ADORABLE! zia franca used to have it on video and i'd watch it over and over and over and over whenever we visited <3 the sneakers really are cute, but highly impractical for winter usage..