Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oscar, lose the god damned hats.

Oscar de la Renta is fashion for La Signora, elegant and chic but has this (regarding the tailoring) power woman don't fuck with me I mean business edge to it. Add some dead animal to it, and I'm ya gal. 
Umm however what the hell is with the flower pot hat? You know that's the work of John Galliano the genius he is. I know the hat thing was big in the 40s-60s time span of ridiculous Hollywood starlet fashion and it works in a flawless black and white photo but I dont know if I want to see a leggy tall blonde with mo fo towewring pumps and messy straggle hair wearing a hat that has obviously been stolen from Bill and Ben the fucking flower pot men. What the fudge yo?

And for those who are confused reference this....Bear with me, not bare with me unless you do want to get naked with me and that would be fine aswell...Just saying. Hooray!

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