Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is there a God?

Fucking jelly shoes. 

I know we are having a 90s revival (in some spheres it never went away) but oogy boogy people, do we really want to revive the fisherman jelly fad? When I was living in Italy as a small child I admit I had a pair of fluro orange ones with a green fish on the soul but can I tell you (and in fact I will) I used them for the beach. It was a pebble beach and therefore quite acceptable and functional and shit, I was a kid and kids love bright obnoxious colours and like to skip and jump and frollick in the water without cutting their tootsies. Now, here's a question for you, would you go to Fashion Week and now I mean any fashion week around the world and wear these? Is this meant to be high street fashion? Is this meant to be fashion period!? Is this the soul of Australian fashion? Is that all there is? Fuck me Australia wear your blooming $5 rubber thongs and call it a day. You should be ashamed of your blatent disrespect to footwear. Stop kiiling me with your bad taste and disinterest of footwear culture and labour. Not only do you prove to me that you want to kill any decent footwear but also the people who create it (like me). STOP BEING RIDICULOUS!!! And while you are at it continue to rip off, copy, butcher any artistic new idea, development of Australian style, culture and thought. CREATE A VOICE AND USE IT, SUPPORT IT!

Fucking Jelly shoes!

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