Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ombrè Delight

Photo correspondance from my pal in Milan.  My pal,  he says to me 'Signorina Soapie you gotta de zee dis. Is amazinga, you know?'.  Si, I says to my pal, I says 'Giuseppe, you are-a so righ, is a beaudiful shoes, eyesa gotta share wid da world, you know?'

So Mr. Magli Sir, you have struck a fine and dandy chord with a few of us. It's a luxurious sea of ombrè delight. Exotic skins can be worn only those brave enough to be just enough, exotic.  My heart skips and jumps and sings a little diddly piddly song of 'gleeeeee'. 'Hooray' Signorina Soapie shouts I found a shoe for my future husband/s to wear and when they finally come out of the closet at least I know they'll be high queens of style. Tears of joy.

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