Friday, June 21, 2013

Shots from Sydney Fashion Week 2013

Disappointing it was to find out that I had done some work for people only to discover that I wouldn't get paid for it. I've been had! Foiled again like last nights dinner. D'oh! In true Soap and Sacrifice fashion I say to the party in question, kindly go fuck yourself (obviously said in a respectful 'go fuck yerrrrself way'). Ahhh fashion you are as fickle as the people make you out to be when in reality you are an important everyday item. After all doctors do wear clothes too, scientists with their lab coats, teachers with their carpet jackets, white upper middle class housewives with their yoga tracksuits. Doesn't sound fickle to me at all, does it? 

I am going to get one of those books titled 'people I'd like to punch in the face' and write names in it. So I say here you are world look at some photos of these kids at Sydney Fashion Week.

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