Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Elastic Heart

We've had some lovely weather here in Italy the last couple of days so of course i've been eagerly doing my job that is, researching all the summer footwear in the world. What did I ever do without the internet? (Read a book?). I came across Gucci smoochie here and though elastic is a pretty cool invention (I know i've never gone through xmas lunch without stretchy pants) I can't just fathom paying 600 buckaroos for a pair of thongs (flip-flops) held together by elastic. Yeah I get it, it's Gucci and I am sure they use the best elastic around but surely a better solution could have been found, no? I admit, I too have designed shoes with elastic but without the price tag of a million dollars. Oh, and   also I covered the elastic in leather, trying to hide the fact that I had used elastic in the first place. I ain't dissing elastic just to reiterate.

Photos from Gucci website

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