Friday, April 4, 2014

Saturday Night Spirit Animal Pumps

Oh hello muchachas did I just find my Saturday night spirit animal pumps? Hells to the yeah! Eat your heart out Carmen Miranda, I just found out what your heaven looks like. It looks like these shoes hon-ney! (Snap your finger).

Quick, someone call up Gina Liano I found her next serious acquisition. You need these in your sparkle wardrobe Gina, do it! Doooo it! 

You know what I am doing right now? I am doing a little chair dance, swaying my head to and fro because these pumps have affected me on a cellular level. To celebrate let's all shake our maracas to Brazil (and when I say maracas I mean boobs, if you're a man shake your moobs).

Photos from Rene Caovilla website

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