Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple Chic

The Milanese fashion principles are very easy to follow, keep it Simple = Chic.  What is created is a constant circle of classic elegance but in a variety of themes.  This chick-a-dee has a lovely take on a mannish feminine style.  Leather sleaved coat, tailored just enough to show a simmering female form but without losing that masculine touch.  Tailored pants, a real must.  That is something that can never die, a pair of snug, perfectly cut trousers and it gives such confidence too.  And to finish off this Mannish/Fem tale a pair of devilish pumps with metal toe caps.  You never know when you need to kick someone in the pants.
My humble opinion is that this look can be worn by any age, any culture, any body shape even with any hair colour, maybe not just in every temperature.  Slaves to fashion can get awfully cold.

Like my dear cousin once blurted out to me ''you don't need a banana on your head to be cool''.  Well maybe not everyday.

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