Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Give her water, she's thirsty.

The model Diana Dondoe just looks thirsty for WATER!  I don't know folks this fashion video doesn't do anything for me.  Sure the furniture is cool, I think its make more sense though if she wipped out the old trust worthy wip and started wipping the bejesus outta some poor mixed up sod.  

This Mad Max/Waterworld leather business is cool, but only when it's designed and not stripped from a vagrant .  Yes, that's right it seems 'borrowed'.  And what is with the light flashing?  If there was going to be a case of flash flooding or some sort of  apocalptic scene...bloodly well get on with it or change the damned light bulb you stingy mingy!  It's a whatevs for me, I sigh a NON reverent sigh...bah.

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