Thursday, May 31, 2012

Slutsville. Can you take it?

Well well well, what do we have here?  Ahh yes the ill-fated designs of Versace.  Times are tough, sure I get it but to pander to the rising class of stripperhood because let's face it these are WORKING heels, for a working gal.  Well now, someone is either showing off their 'inner slut' or how business smart they truly are.  As street walking and male entertainment seems to be on the 'rise' again (all puns intended).  Why not do it in style? (It's a style, sure it is).  I mean when you're doing whatever it is that needs to be doing (human vacuum cleaning) why not spend a small fortune on plastic and shit mesh that warbles and wanes, stretches and pulls, stud it and make it trash white (I believe that's a pantone colour name or at least should be).  White the colour of purity and wet t-shirt competitions.  Excuse me does it come in a size 45?  Yeah, that's right these are clomping platforms.  Talk about chomping an apple through a picket fence.  Only the face a mother would love.

Expensive never looked so cheap.  Eye of the beholder?

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