Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spike me baby!!!

Yeah if you're into that?  Or are you a tough broad trying make it in the Bronx?  It's the 80s? Punk attitude with glam rock, baby.  Piss me off and I'll piss on you!!!!  Cut ya, maybe even give you a bruise.  I'll rip ya to shreds, kick you in the shins and run the fuck outta there (assuming of course, I was in some sort of cool alt underground punky fuck the occupational and health hazzard standards type of venue and was caught uo in some sort of moshing punching dance that turned ugly).  And then comes the Fuzz to swab you.

I like Supergrass, so shoot me.  And for something completely un punkish, 1960s lounge by Frank De Vol still about the Fuzz.

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