Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Colour blocking

A friend of mine a couple if weeks ago as we had planned to venture through the Art Gallery of SA (yep folks I still here) had the big cojones to step out in her vibrant mix up of shoes. Yes, they are the same style but come from two different pairs. A very bold move at colour blocking. So intense it was, that 'passer-byers' actually did a double take. It was amusing to watch a big woosh of colour as it whizzed past.      Living in a sleepy town of 1 million plus does this, does it not? That is wake the folk up? So why don't we do this more? Most people around the globe are very conservative and yes i'm all for a time and a place but i'm still waiting for the resurgence of the New Romantics, I hope you guys watched the Leigh Bowery doco. 
I'm in a mood, an over the top glam mood. Wrap me up in mink, call Harry Winston and paint ball me in colour. Why should I choose from black and or white? Why not magenta and electric blue?

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