Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flavour of the month...Tic-Tacs

A very good friend of mine made a comment of those fashionably pristine boys dressed in white that was posted last month. As I was complaining how to keep white clean she pointed out that they looked like metrosexual Tic-Tacs. Of course I fell off my chair laughing because hey, she's a freaking genius. I just wanted to point out there was also female Tic-Tacs strutting their virginal whites all over the place at Sydney Fashion week. Tic-Tacs are fresh and minty, so BAM! 
Getting it off my rather ample chest...I did read an article in the teeny, weeny, tiny fashion section in today's The Australian paper about how fascinating pointy white patent pumps are and how they will save your life. I say bollocks to pointy patent white pumps, I don't give a damn who designed them, they are hideous, hideous I tell you. Take it to the trash. Don't you remember the end scene of Serial Mom? Yeah that's right Kathleen Turner gets nasty...(No spoiler alerts here, go watch the film). 'Fashion has changed' the character pleas. 'No it hasn't' says Soap and Sacrifice to the TV 'trash be trash, fool'.

Some of these gals are alright. Alright to me.

Joan Collins would be proud


Orange it works for a living.

 Brown bag ain't doing you any favours honey!

Sporty chic, me likey.

Oh, I just couldn't help myself...

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