Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh Vivier!

Its rather creative, it's always so delicate, edgy and sophisticated BUT (and you knew there was going to be a big BUTT) to me, when it is announced AUTUMN WINTER COLLECTION 2013 it never really jumps in my mind open toe, slingback, sandal pumps. Now, is it possibile that I am missing something here? Is frostbite for my tootsies in fashion? Certainly these Dames that don em' would rarely be walkin' the streets in -03. We know these puppies gonna yell 'LIMO' baby child. Honey, I don't care who you be or what you do but when it snows goddamn it, it snows! Ain't bits of phalanges on the floor in fashion, hmmmkay?! 

I see this collection more of a spring time collection, i'm all for the design. The interesting mix of plastic fantastic Vs. Metal, feather and leather. Why not indeed? What we will see is more metallics, edgy cuts and shapes, mix mediums and a go get em' rock n' roll attitude. Bring it bebe!

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