Saturday, March 12, 2011

Angelo Marani

Taking shots of shoes....Much harder than you think especially without the right equipment during a parade.

The Angelo Marani show was quite interesting, though I wasn't paying much attention to the clothes...So what's big right now?  Sock and sandals, which I call the 'gypsy' look or in my vocabulary dream world 'zingara' (Italian word).  The funny thing was i did have a zingara come up to me before the Gucci show because she spotted me taking shots of shoes.  'Take a picture of my shoes' she cackled with her 4 remaining teeth.  Funny, but she's in style right now!  I looked at her socks and pantofole (slippers) and decided against it...she might charge me for the photo.  My odd rationale had kicked in, sad but true she probably has more money than I!

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