Friday, March 11, 2011

A failed attempt....boohoo!

I tried, but like a flash she bolted and I for one could smell her distinct disdain she has for bloggers.  I was unable to achieve that photo of Anna Wintour a.k.a Nuclear Wintour.   Escorting her, two muscle men as bodyguards (must be a hard life).  Oh please Mrs Wintour, we're not going to strip you bare before you enter!  I just want to get snappety and click clickerty on ya!

You know what i got a picture of?  Somehow, how the hell?  Scaffolding!  Yikes! Learn to hold the camera, silly!

So my opinion....She can be likened to the Bette Davis of cinema, Wonderful at her job but not so pleasant....Brrrrrrrr!

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