Saturday, March 12, 2011


It was like stepping into an episode of Dynasty...My eyes were bulging...Look at all these broads!  Look at all these pouffant hair doos!  Drooling....mmmmm REAL FUR!  So luxurious! (Sorry, vegans, Vegetarians and Animal Rights).

I couldn't help myself (Scusa Signora, posso?)  Their eyes twinkled 'Yes of course!' Some of them LOVE to be photographed!  In my element and in theirs, right before the Federico Sangalli show.  When I'm an old duck i'm going to wear Sangalli clothes as well and have big red flaming hair and wear fur (vintage fur, that is).

Watch the clip first.  Don't be frightened by the bad acting! I don't know how or why Joan Collins is famous.


Out of the selection who is Alexis and who is Krystle? (Actually I was disappointed no catfights during, before or after the show).

Dynasty candidate 1
Dynasty candidate 2
Dynasty candidate 3
Dynasty candidate 4
Dynasty candidate 5

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